Fr, 20.07.18, 11:00 - 14:00
Floating University Berlin, 10965 Berlin, Lilienthalstraße

A laboratory for collective, experimental learning – during the summer term 2018 students of the Master of Architecture design program at Nuremberg Institue of Technology are in academic exchange with Floating University Berlin. Inbetween Südstern and Tempelhofer Feld on the grounds of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin lies the rainwater retention basin on which the temporary university, designed by raumlabor, is based.

An area with high development potential being calm anchor and vibrant space at the same time – surrounded by allotment gardens, sports facilities, cemeteries and tolerated campers. Students undertake a design project on identity and potential of this particular area. They pursue the question of possibilities in architectural and urban design fostering new and emerging ways of urban life and a better urban future for the area, against the background of existing infrastructural and ecosystems resources.

The area is a non-conventional place, Floating University Berlin is a non-conventional university and the design module is non-conventional as well. To lead students to an iterative design approach and enable their focus on specific concepts the task is structured into three phases: a research phase in Nuremberg, a workshop phase on-site at the Floating University Berlin and a design phase in Nuremberg. Additional input through ecosystem analysis of location, potential stressors, involved participants and options for a sustainable and adaptive planning has been provided by Stefan Kreft of University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde with his MARISCO-workshop (adaptive MAnagement of vulnerability and RISk at COnservation sites). Sabine Zahn of University Witten/Herdeckeintroduced a second workshop on the topic of Deathless Inception, raising body and space oriented awareness of urban areas.

All in groups of two acquired spatial and architectural design concepts with visions for a better urban future will be presented publicly with the complete course team at Floating University Berlin between 11 am and 2 pm on July 20, 2018.

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Richard Woditsch (Nuremberg Tech), Volker Halbach (blauraum) and Dr. Mark Kammerbauer(Nuremberg Tech)