Sa, 28.07.18, 10:00 - 16:00

Hasenbänk is a time-bank project based at Hasenschänke, a Biergarten and kiosk in the floating university’s adjacent park Hasenheide. Our observations and interviews with passersby and customers revealed that Hasenschänke is characterized by its „slowness“, meaning that the place is not as fastly developing and changing as the surrounding neighborhood(s) – in term of its offers, users, prices, physical and social structures. Time bank is a local knowledge exchange system: you contribute and offer a skill or talent to the community and, in return, you receive a service for your own. Hence, the time bank’s currency is time as shared or exchanged time, it takes to deliver the offered service. Hasenbänk aims to encourage people to be more aware of and appreciate more of the time and the manifold skills they have, as well as the neighborhood they share. By using time as new currency, we hope to increase and support the overall neighborhood resources by exchanging the knowledge within the community and maybe also loosen the reliance on money.

Our second goal is to preserve the slowness of the Hasenschänke and its surrounding through time banking and the awareness of the importance of time and local knowledge exchange within the neighborhood.

By Tareq Almuhammad, Olga Bagnoli, Pedro Fortunato, Isabella Speidel



Sunday, July 15 – Tuesday, July 17

Building Phase

tba @ Floating University


Wednesday, July 18

Launching event

„Spreading the Idea and informing about workshops“

16h-20h @ Hasenbänk (Hasenschänke) Hasenheide


Sunday, July 22


Free workshops (sketching, tandem, wood workshop, acro yoga)

13-20h @ HasenBänk, Hasenheide


Monday, July 23


Free workshops (wood workshop, acro yoga)

17-20h @ HasenBänk, Hasenheide


Saturday, July 28

Premiere of the Hasenbänk-movie @ Fête de la Nachbarschaft

10-16h @ Hangar 1 THF, Columbiadamm 10