Follow the concrete path through the trees or step down the scaffolding staircase that brings you down two stories below street level, and the Learnscapes of the Floating already unfold in front of you.

Learnscapes is how we describe the floating landscape of knowledge production, of knowing and being  and processes of un-, re-, and co-learning, of working and thinking collectively within the site of the rainwater retention basin in Berlin Kreuzberg.

How can we learn from our presence inside an engineered infrastructure, where collected rainwater, mud, algae, reeds, frogs, birds and foxes create a unique environment? How can we encourage non-disciplinary learning formats and radical, experimental approaches in dialogue with the complexity of our surroundings?

Floating University offers a broad range of public learning programs in the shape of lecture series, seminars or workshops. They continuously explore questions of climate emergency, urban practices and spatial literacy as well as create a base on which we can learn how to embrace, engage with and navigate the complex entanglements of the world, while imagining and creating different forms of living together as humans and with more than human entities in the age of the Anthropocene.

The Floating Learnscapes programme extends these ongoings through two extra academic perspectives: the Free Radicals support system and the Academic Beach resort.

Find updates and more information what is going on in LEARNSCAPES on our website, social media channels or contact us through learnscapes@floating-berlin.de.

Please find more information in our Learnscapes Dossier


The open call for Free Radicals is especially directed towards self-organized, “teacher-less”, co-learning groups (affiliated with or without an institution), that are willing to follow their own interests and are ready to research outside the walls and restrictions of the institution. The self-organized co-learning and site sensitive processes are meant to unfold during Spring and Summer of 2021.

Proposals from all fields and disciplines are supported, however projects featuring interdisciplinary practices and practice-based research that engage with pressing matters of this moment in time (such as the notions of human and more than human ecologies, environmental humanities, experimental living forms and systems, political and social engagement that promotes care for ourselves and our surroundings) are strongly encouraged.

The application deadline for this open call is set on the 20th of March 2021, and selected projects will be published in the first weeks of April.

Please find more details about the Open Call here: Free Radicals Dossier


Building on Floating University’s various international collaborations with more than twenty universities in 2018, we now invite teachers with students –or students with teachers– faculties and seminars again to shape and inseminate the Floating Learnscapes. In a concentrated timeframe at the end of the semester holidays or beginning of the winter semester 2021 in September and October.

Academic institutions and lecturers are invited to relocate with their groups to the site of the Floating Uni to stay and exercise their academic programme here. We would like to see students from all kinds of disciplines exchanging, researching and building sandcastles simultaneously in our inner city offshore campus. We would like to see them reflecting on subjects that matter in an urbanity of continuous transformation. With the seminars, courses and programmes, formats and topics brought along, we hope to expand our learnscapes’ horizon. They might range from critical research, questions of social, architectural, urban and environmental concerns and designs, to the making of a functioning of spaces for learning, communication, commoning and a self-organized civil society.

During these two intensive months we invite academic working-groups to come and stay as long as they want. We provide spaces and rituals of encounter, of sociability, of dialogue and exchange, an open, hybrid, reflective and practice driven cross-pollination atmosphere. Cooperation across disciplines, institutions and territories are encouraged and supported. This means we are happy if you aim to work with people who look at the world from a different professional angle or spirit. The idea of course is that you inhale the atmosphere here in the floating and keep breathing this spirit throughout your coming semester. We will also ask you for some feedback on this mechanism later.

The Floating Learnscapes will be prepared, hosted and moderated by Floating e.V., a self-organized association, with practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds. We meet to collaborate, co-create and work towards imaginative futures. We offer a lot in space, inspiration and infrastructure, but no money and no space to stay overnight. We expect academic groups to be very self-organised and independent; to cook for themselves and others, clean their dishes, remove their trash and stay open for collaborations and visitors from other planets.

Floating Learnscapes will take place throughout September and October 2021. For more information, please contact learnscapes@floating-berlin.de

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