May 4 – 20 2018
We are starting into the Spring Open Weeks in May with an excitingly diverse program. Surrounding the Big Opening on May 10, there is an excellent program for collaborative learning that prepares participants for the city of tomorrow. Raul Walch will expand the discourse into the sky, Andreco combines environmental questions with choreography and Philip Leitner + Uwe Tisch will work on the musicalization of built structures with their research team. You can join Choreographer Sabine Zahn and architect Andreas Krauth in exploring potentials of the surrounding cemeteries, you can develop new perspectives with the interface designer Benoît Verjat or visualize the complex connections of society, city and ecology together with Stefan Kreft from the Center for Econics and Ecosystem Management.


May 2018
KITCHEN – Who’s cooking?
During the Open Weeks the students are not alone in the kitchen: In May we invited AFAVA from Lisbon!
Water is one of the main ways of expression of the current climate crisis and the basis of every food production, that is why AFAVA is focusing on it as a cooking material: from desertification to the intensification of floods and storms, how do we think on food from the water perspective? Meanwhile they propose to explore the line that tends to separate the moment of shaping a meal and the one of enjoying it.


May 4 – 12 2018, 11 am – 5 pm
Stefan Kreft: Fabulous MARISCO Workshop
In this workshop participants venture into the world of ecosystem management. They will build a situational analysis of the rainwater basin and the adjacent gardens. Afterwards they traverse the complex web of causes and effects influencing the local ecosystems, social systems and the services they provide for humans, in a conceptual model.


May 4 – 10 2018, 11am – 5pm
Andreco: FLAGS for the Floating University
With Andreco the Floating University turns into an imaginary indigenous society created to share experiences and practices that aim to find new thoughts and future scenarios for a sustainable city.
Within the workshop participants produce new symbols for the community and space. These symbols will be printed on flags and the big opening ceremony will be performed with them.


May 4 – 6 2018, 11am – 5pm
Benoit Verjat: Formatting Observation
Benoit Verjat and the participants invent new forms of formatting what you observe. A parcours of perspectives around the Floating University campus will be developed to connect momentary actions with, what could possibly happen.


May 6 – 13 2018, 11am – 5pm
Andreas Krauth + Sabine Zahn: Deathless Inception
A body-spatial surveillance of specific heterotopias in the urban context: cemeteries and their deathless re-foundation. Architect Andreas Krauth and Choreographer Sabine Zahn look for active forms of an interpretation of this historic transformation of cemeteries from two simultaneous perspectives.


May 8 2018, 7pm
Stammtisch – A weekly Conversation
Feminist Kitchen Table

Every Tuesday the kitchen will host a thematic dinner where participants
are invited to share and co-produce a moment of hospitality.

Invited Guests: Meike Schalk & Thérèse Kristiansson


May 10 2018, 2 pm – midnight
Big Opening
A performance by Andreco and his workshop participants inaugurates the Floating University. Afterwards we want to celebrate the start of the next five months Floating University with rubber boot tours around the campus, discursive appetizers, Tosta Mixta und Hot & Potato and lecture music by Knarf Rellöm that also inaugurates the Academy of Listening.


May 11 2018, 7 pm
Dirk Baecker: The city AGILE
It is a perplexing observation that on a global scale, order and chaos are not significant factors in the self-organization of cities. In his lecture, Dirk Baecker engages with this phenomenon and the underlying preconditions.


May 11 – 13 2018, 11 am – 5 pm
Katherine Ball: Create your own water filters
In this workshop, we will build filters for Floating University’s water system. To be more precise, we will not build the filters, we will grow filters. Plants, fungi, sand, biofilms, molluscs, xylem, water vegetables, sage and special effects are all tested for their filtering properties in a mix of science, Zen relaxation and voodoo magic.

May 11 – 13 2018, 11am – 5pm
Raul Walch: Flying Semaphores & Floating Bridges
Kites that fly across and beyond borders – Raul Walch invites the participants of the Floating University as well as the inhabitants of the refugee shelter on the Tempelhof Airfield for a workshop and collective flying experiments. The polymorphic flying objects will float above the fences of the Airfield and expand the discourse of the Floating University into the sky.


May 11 – 17 2018, 11am – 5pm
modular-t (Philip Leitner & Stephan Pircher) and Uwe Tisch: „Research group: sound- hardware-building/ optimal brain damage: spatial scaffolding steel sound-sculpture “
Impact sound, impulse-response, feedback, resonance research. In the workshop of sound artist Philip Leitner and the scaffolding master Uwe Tisch, participants will experiment with the sound of the architecture and will induce audio into the scaffolding structure of Floating University,with impact sound converters.

May 12 2018, 7 pm
Some Notes 7: Niklas Fanelsa, Irene Beyer, Manuel Birnbacher, Henrike Rabe, Yuma Shinohara with Jan Lindenberg and Guest
‘Some Notes’ is a conversation series on architecture, crafts and cultural practice in transfer between Germany and other countries. The first nine events of the series are focused on Japan.


May 13 2018, 5 pm
Gilly Karjevsky: Hot Terms – Live terminological event with: Jane Randell, Katherine Ball
Floating University Berlin is a spatial process moving across utilities and spaces which are normally kept apart – the kitchen and the study, the bar and the auditorium, the hot tub and the library, the laboratory and the street, the university and the park. This movement brings thought and practice together. How can we capture it? Name it?

May 15 2018, 7 pm
Space Production Studio der UdK: Feminist Kitchen Table
Students of the Space Production Studio build, share, flood and run the common kitchen. On Tuesdays they invite for a collective dinner and reflection – on commoning around the kitchen table.


May 17 2018, 6 pm
Habitat Unit and Natural Building Lab: Die Nachwachsende Stadt
The project-integrated event-series for architects and planners, “DIE NACHWACHSENDE STADT,” offers an introductory overview on four topics – urban systems, climate adaptation, green economies and governing transformation to sustainability.


May 18 2018, 8 pm
Academy of Listening: Schweighart (Schlagwerk) / Leitner (Electronics)
In various acoustic interventions the Academy of Listening tries to reach from listening to thinking and vice versa. This Friday, Schweighart (Schlagwerk) / Leitner (Electronics) improvise and use the modular steel scaffolding as the sound body and musical instrument. Sitting inside that instrument, like sitting inside the stomach of a giant sound-turtle, one can observe them browsing the strings producing extraordinary sounds and playfully changing and stretching them.


May 19 – June 30 2018, Saturdays 10am – 2pm
Floating University for Kids
This is an open format for kids, which will happen every Saturday.
A transdisciplinary team of experts and artists will lead water experiments, neighborhood explorations for kids research groups.


May Mai 2018, 5 pm
Gilly Karjevsky: Hot Terms – Live terminological event with: Peter Arlt
Floating University Berlin is a spatial process moving across utilities and spaces which are normally kept apart – the kitchen and the study, the bar and the auditorium, the hot tub and the library, the laboratory and the street, the university and the park. This movement brings thought and practice together. How can we capture it? Name it?


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June 29 – July 15 2018
With: the SounDance Festival Berlin – a project by b.arts.u – berlin arts united, which presents and initiates cooperations between dancers and musicians of the independent scene of Berlin and international guests, Tucké Royale, Julia Jost, Basurama, geheimagentur, Academy of Listening, Some Notes, JTW Spandau and many more

August 31 – September 15 2018
With: Ameise Vinyl, Katherine Ball, SounDance Festival Berlin, Academy of Hearing, Some Notes, projekt bauhaus – a ‘Werkstatt’(directed towards a critical inventory of the Bauhaus-ideas, while using its methods), the Zukunftslabor Bauhaus+ (on designing possible futures and questioning their connection to the past future-imagination of the Bauhaus) and many more