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Climate Care – A Curriculum for Urban Practice
Floating University Berlin
1-10 August, 2019
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From 1-10 August,  Climate Care will explore correlations between environment, urban practice and education by devising a programme for climate challenges. Climate Care brings the affirmative attitude of care discourse into climate topics, tackling not only environmental issues, but caring for the entangled social, political and economical climates that surrounds us today.

On the site of the Floating University, a rainwater retention basin that serves Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld, a variety of animals, plants and algae have taken root and given birth to a unique landscape: a man-made environment reclaimed by nature where polluted water coexists with the university’s relatively new presence, a natureculture or a third landscape.  It is the complexity of the basin site and the various forms of knowledge growing on it that have led us to consider climate and care for this year’s Floating University programme. 

In Climate Care, artists, thinkers, scientists, activists and designers are invited to propose educational modules that encourage embodied and tacit knowledge to emerge from experiences on site. From compost making, experimentation with bio-materials and the construction of urban hives, to weather writing and “tuning-in” methods, looking at care on a planetary scale within the basin itself,  the programme is conceived of as a curriculum for urban practice.

You can find the full programme here – or you can pick up the printed version on site! 

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