Tue, 04.09.18 - Sun, 09.09.18, 11:00 - 17:00
Floating University Berlin, 10965 Berlin, Lilienthalstraße

The Lexicon project at the Floating University looks at how to capture knowledge production within spatial practices. The terms in the lexicon were written collaboratively through various workshop formats and exercises, and responded to the water basin site. To that end, terms have been developed around applied, situated, embodied, and site-specific forms of knowledge created at the off-shore campus.

During Hot Terms – editorial week a devoted team will host guest editors to examine the output from the summer semester and edit a lexicon on site. The guest editors will lead the team in thematic adventures that might or might not amount to anything we can recognize. The editorial room will serve as live exhibition and site for collecting, organizing, categorizing, writing, photographing, cutting, taping, gluing, editing, designing, illustrating, printing, stapling and folding the Floating University Lexicon into being.

The public is invited to drop in at the editing room and contribute or observe. Join in and leave your mark on the language of the water basin.

With Gilly Karjevsky (Curator, Berlin / Tel Aviv)

September 4 – 9, 11am – 5pm


This workshop is open to all interested.
Please register at: info@floatinguniversity.org

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