Fri, 14.09.18, 15:00 - 17:00
Floating University Berlin, 10965 Berlin, Lilienthalstraße

American music psychologist and musician Edwin Gordon defines audiation as »hearing and understanding music without physical sound«. We want to turn to this music-understanding process in the workshop and try to put the heard (mainly Western-oriented tonal and metric) phenomena in a larger overall musical context. In this way melodies can not only be heard inwardly – because that would also work without understanding – but be sung musically understanding. The aim of the workshop is to develop simple and complex melodies through audiation and thus to approach the understanding thinking in music.
This workshop is aimed at everyone, including and especially non-musicians, who may like to sing and / or learn to think musically.

Friederike Stahmer (choirmaster, Berlin)

September 14, 3 pm
September 14, 6 pm: performance of the Girls Choir II and III of the Sing-Akademie Berlin

This workshop is open to all interested.
Please register at: info@floatinguniversity.org