Fall Open Weeks – Workshops and Open Program

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A conference kicks off the Open Weeks with a melting pot of the numerical questions of our age: the projekt bauhaus will take its second major step towards rethinking the legacy of the historic school. project bauhaus invites voices of the current discourse about the city and the digital world. They will meet with well-traveled student groups and artistic positions by Olaf Nicolai, Brave New Alpes and Moreshin Alaja.

The following week is dedicated to viewing, archiving and editing the heritage of our university. Gilly Karjevsky and the Editing Allstars create a Lexicon of Floating Terms ending with an exhibition of the achievements of the Floating University. The Academy of Listening summarizes what has been heard in various formats, and the Soundance series continues exploring the basin through the body. With the Floating AREAL Open Lab and Null Protokolle, workshops and performances get to the bottom of the basin as a space for movement.

At the same time, new spaces are being created in which we will host the Floating Symposium on September 8 and 9.

In the second week, we move on into the depths of our urban society with a workshop by Elisabeth Merk, Urban Development Director of the city of Munich, and Mauricio Corbalan, architectural theorist from Buenos Aires. During the Floating Symposium, experimental presentation formats and discussions spark visions for a time without Floating University.

The final weekend around September 15 will be loud again with the Grand Closing Ceremony, before the Floating University Berlin closes for the approaching winter.

You can download an overview calendar here.

The workshops have a duration of one to six days. They take place from 11 am to 5 pm (unless stated otherwise) with a communal lunch break. We charge a participation fee for all events and places are limited.
At info@floatinguniversity.org you can sign up for one or more of your favorite workshops.


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The Open program

August 30 – September 2
projekt bauhaus Werkstatt (conference)
projekt bauhaus invites international teams of practitioners and theoreticians to revive the Bauhaus’s Werkstatt (workshop) structure and join us in exploring the emancipatory potential of technology, questioning the idea of progress, and criticizing the present through design.


September 4 – 15
Sammelbecken – pictures, pieces and positions of the Floating University (exhibition)
Five months Floating University, 25 university groups and over 50 workshops have produced a lot of material. The exhibition »Sammelbecken« shows a selection of objects, documentations, plans, films, drawings and conversations.


September 4 – 9, 11am – 5pm
Hot Terms Editorial Week – developing the Floating University Lexicon (workshop and exhibition)
Gilly Karjevsky (curator, Berlin / Tel Aviv)
The Lexicon project at the Floating University looks at how to cap- ture knowledge production within spatial practices.


September 4 – 7, 10am – 4pm
Urban Soundance Lab #2 – choreographic research on the sound and movement of Floating University  (workshop)
Jenny Haack (dance choreographer / artist, Berlin and Carla Kienz (architect / performer, Berlin)
In the workshop we examine the location of the Floating University through movement, voice and language.


September 5 and 6, 7pm
Die Null Protokolle – Floating University (Performance)
EXTRALEBEN (performance and theater label, Zürich)
Die Null Protokolle is an open-air performance that deals with the looming ecological collapse.


September 6 – 7, 11am – 5pm
Akademy of Listening: The Sound Recorder – CD turns vinyl. Understanding the process of mechanical sound recording (day-workshops)
Ameise (press shop operator / Hamburg) Alex Rex (industrial designer / Halle)
How sound is energy and how it can be captured and reproduced?


September 7, 7pm 
JETSAM Soundance Walk (final presentation)
Along the Soundance Walks, participants of the Urban Soundance Labs orchestrate an intervention in the rainwater retention basin together with professional performers, dancers and musicians.

September 7, 8pm
Some Notes #9 – Japanese experiences (lecture)
Niklas Fanelsa (architect, Berlin) with Momus / Nick Currie (musician, between Europe and Japan).
Some Notes invites returnees to share their personal experiences.

September 7, 10pm
Floating Footage – Six Weeks Formatting Observation (film screening)
Alexis de Raphelis (artist, Cosne-sur-Loire) Benoît Verjat (interface designer, Paris)
After six weeks of immersion, Alexis and Benoît present a series of videos filmed with observational tools developed on site through workshops.


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September 8 – 9, 11am – 8pm

Floating Symposium

Two days dedicated to the future of the rainwater basin and the Floating University. Reports, investigations, inventions, explorations and discoveries.

Would you like to attend the Floating Symposium and / or offer a working group? Then write to info@floatinguniversity.org

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September 9, 9pm 
modular-t on the scaffolding construction – What is the sound of the Floating University?  (concert)
Philip Leitner (musician, Vienna)
Sound artist Philip Leitner once again brings the skeleton structure of the Floating University to life.


September 10 – 11, 11am – 5pm 
open your eyes and listen – the empathic city (workshop)
Elisabeth Merk (urban development counselor, Munich) and Mauricio Corbalan (architect, Buenos Aires)
A workshop with two very different urban thinkers on the visible and invisible dimensions of the city.


September 11, 11am – 5pm
Resistance and Persecution around the Rain Basin – neighborhood walks (workshop)
Tucké Royale (performer, Berlin)
On a walk through the cemetery Lilienthalstraße, the workshop stimulates discussion of German perpetration and heroic masculinity.


September 12, 9:30am – 1:30pm
Floating AREAL Open Lab – »on building im-material spaces«
Sabine Zahn (choreographer, Berlin)
Sabine Zahn invites on a two-track investigation into forms of »making space« from the perspective of movement-based and material-based or planning-based practices.


September 12, 11am – 5pm
What’s the waters ritual? to connect with water (workshop)
Katherine Ball (artist, Detroit), Alexis de Raphelis (artist, Cosne-sur-Loire) and Benoît Verjat (interface designer, Paris)
How do we practise the art of living on a damaged planet? How do we strengthen the relationships with the entities we care about?


September 13, 6pm
Radio Spätkauf – talk about current topics in Berlin
Jöran Mandik (designer, Berlin), Joel Dullroy (journalist, Berlin), Maisie Hitchcock (architectural historian, Berlin) and Daniel Stern (comedian, Berlin)
Radio Spätkauf – Berlin News in English is a podcast in the form of a talk show in which the hosts recapitulate and discuss monthly the most important and interesting events of the city.


September 13, 7.30pm
Thought Exchange (lecture and talk)
Xin Cheng (artist, Hamburg) and Andreco (artist Rome / New York)
The artists will talk about their work and transfer their experience to the system of the Floating University.


September 14 – 15, 11am – 5pm
OOO – Observing Observers Observations – reading from the picture collection (workshop)
Alexis de Raphelis (arstist, Cosne-sur-Loire), Benoît Verjat (interface designer, Paris) and Donato Ricci (médialab, Sciences Po Paris)
Many pictures were taken this semester at the Floating University. By observing this image database using digital and manual technic coming from the arts and digital humanities we will distill and display subcorpus trying to explore the perspective and narrative around the base, the university and its inhabitants.


September 14, 3 – 6pm
Akademy of Listening: Hearing – Listening – Singing. Audiation as the basis for understanding music (workshop)
Friederike Stahmer (choirmaster, Berlin)
The aim of the workshop is to develop simple and complex melodies through audiation and thus to approach the understanding thinking in music.


September 14, 6pm
Performance of the Girls Choir II and III of the Sing-Akademie Berlin (conzert)


September 14, 9pm
eSeL SHOW – a compressed communication of art (performance)
eSeL (art communicator, Vienna)
The interactive »eSeL SHOW« compresses two thousand and eighteen and a half years of art history into a humorous inventory of contemporary art in the burgeoning age of the screen.


September 15, 10am – 6pm and 8 – 9pm 
Akademy of Listening: Human Amplifier – Floating University, this is the end! On hearing, understanding and passing on (workshop)
Louise Vind Nielsen (sound artist, Hamburg)
With her performance format Human Amplifier, the artist Louise Vind Nielsen invites the workshop participants to act as »speakers«.


September 15, 2pm – 5pm
BMX School Berlin – BMX Flatland Crash Course + Bike Race – BMX & MTB Competition
Next Saturday, September 15, the BMX School Berlin will run a small BMX workshop for beginners and a bicycle race (BMX, MTB, bring your own bike style) on the new BIKE Park ” TOXIC FANGO” on the Rainwater retention basin of the Airport Flughafen Tempelhof.


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September 15, 10am – late

Grand Closing Ceremony

For one semester, the Floating University was the place for collaborative research, exploration and experimentation. International students came together with neighbors, gardeners with refugees, choreographers with water experts.
To conclude this intensive exchange, we want to make the gained insights and enriching encounters once more visible and celebrate with everyone!

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Academic Program

The Floating Academic Program is framed by multiple university collaborations. Lecturers and students of cooperating universities lead and participate in the courses. Formats and topics of the seminars are di- verse: some focus on critical research, others work with a design build approach and again others create spaces for communication, commoning and self-organized civil society. During the Fall Open Weeks some universities are working onsite.

The new Rütt-Arena
Universidad La Gran Colombia Bogotá | Facultad de arquitectura + Pontificia Universidad Javeriana + Technische Universität München | Fakultät für Architektur
Starting with the rainwater retention basin, students from Munich and Bogotá are developing strategies for making additional use possible, without disturbing the actual purpose of the infrastructure.

How to recycle a university
Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Royal Academy of Art Den Haag INSIDE, Master Interior Architecture
In September, the now second-year students and the first-year students, will work together with Jan Korbes of Refunk on the recycling of an entire university. If you would like to join them, contact us.

Architecture for a world in transition!
ENSA Nantes
What is the ever changing world about? How does it look, feel and sound? Students made 132 images for the changing Floating University.

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