Designing around the kitchen table | Inaugural Kitchen Table

During the summer term the space production studio at UdK Berlin moves from Hardenbergstraße to Floating University. Within the studio 15 architecture students build, run, flood and share the common kitchen. The kitchen will not only be a place for cooking and creating social practice through dining together, it will turn into a place to reflect after building sinks and wastewater infrastructures, a place to question food production and distribution systems by mapping them, a place to produce and share knowledge with the public. We invite the participants to a weekly kitchen hospitality moment, designing together the practice of commoning around the kitchen table.

Markus Bader, Anna Kokalanova, Christof Mayer, Rosario Talevi + 15 students

Universität der Künste Berlin | Dept. of Architecture

May 8, 15 and July 3 and 10 (Tuesdays are additional dates)
On may 8 there will be a ‘Feminist Kitchen Table

This workshop is open to all interested.
Please register at: info@floatinguniversity.org