In 2018 we opened the Floating University Berlin as an offshore campus for cities in transformation on the rainwater basin of the former Tempelhof Airport.
We had 3 open weeks, more than 1000h of serious transdisciplinary learning, lots of visitors, sun and fun. 

We finished this unique and supposedly single semester in september 2018 with the „Floating Symposium“ and to the clear response of all the participants:
As this was our plan all along – we just never revealed it – we were happy to announce:

There will be a Floating University Berlin in 2019 and 2020!


We have started the „Floating University e.V.“ (association) with currently 34 members. It will manage and organize the site, the program and contaminate the academic world with more subversiveness. This years‘ program, is smaller and less permanent, but we promise: it will be strictly experimental, collaborative, open to everyone, locally grounded and enjoyably, refreshingly strange. For everyone interested in what’s going on next year: pls. subscribe to the Floating Newsletter !