All images Lena Giovanazzi.

Site hibernates while we prepare for summer

Floating University* is currently on pause for winter. We are working towards our spring and summer 2020 programming. The site will open in April, and we hope to see you then! Please sign up for our newsletter for updates. 

If you have enquiries or requests regarding programs, cooperations or just ideas, please fill out this form.

*Floating University will no longer be called University as this is a regulatory offense.


Open Call:

Soundance festival at Floating! 25-29 May

The SOUNDANCE Festival 2020 is offering a site-specific residency at the Floating to one dancer and one

During a research phase lasting several days, one dancer and one musician will develop an artistic sketch within the spatial context of the Garden Colony surrounding the Rainwater Retention Basin at the former Tempelhof Airport. This location was chosen by raumlabor-berlin as an offshore campus for urban practice in 2018 (Floating University Berlin). By combining natural and urban spaces, this interdisciplinary cooperation invites the artists to discover new inspiration for artistic work and creative processes. A tour with site-specific history, sound interpretation and performative-choreographic research will take place in cooperation with the Colony gardeners after the residency.

Find the open call here.






We are proud and exited to announce our new book: Floating University Berlin 2018 – an illustrated report

It is a chronological reflection, in pictures, of the first year of the Floating University. In it we tell the initial story of our visionary inner city offshore-laboratory for collective, experimental learning, knowledge transfer and the formation of trans-disciplinary networks to challenge the routines and habits of urban practices.

If you want to purchase Floating University Berlin 2018  send an e-mail to: info@raumlabor-berlin.de

Or if you’re in Berlin, you can buy the book at Zabriskiepro qmbooks people places and ebertundweber


Photographs contributed by: Pierre Adenis, Katherine Ball, Jack Bardwell, Irene Beyer, Samuel Boche, Beatrice Davies, Irene Rojas Erlenbach – Wildschnitt, FLAR – Kaśka Jankiewicz & Mila Łapko, Thilo Folkerts, Lena Giovanazzi, Jan Kampshoff, Matthias Kestel, Ivana Kličković, Jan Korbes, Tanja Lindner – Projekt Bauhaus, Lilia Luganskaia – Perennial Institute, raumlaborberlin, Daniel Seiffert, Alexander Stumm, Victoria Tomaschko, Hans Venhuizen, Benoȋt Verjat

With contributions from/Mit Beiträgen von: Joeanne Pouzenc, Gilly Karjevsky, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius