Floating is currently closing its gates for a short break. Public visits on site have to be restricted and we cannot host guests. In the meanwhile we let the frogs procreate in the reeds undisturbed and perform maintenance work on our storage facilities with the floating association. We will be back shortly. Stay tuned for news on our instagram account.


Invitation for Participation
Share Your Quiet
by Pallavi Paul

Globally the Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed cacophonous and bullish displays of ‘nationalism’ and exclusivist unities. There are many, however, who do not wish to participate in these republics of noise. Human vulnerability and extra human agency seem to be obscured by the feverish din of capital, conspiracy theories and narrow sectarianism. While noises can be heard and measured, there seems to be no way of quantifying the ‘quiets’ that resist and interrupt this swathe. A space is, therefore, needed to hold quietude as an active political critique of this moment. It is to nourish this space that we initiate an online project called #shareyourquiet.

We invite you to share 10-20 second recordings of your ‘quiet’. Here, quiet is not a tranquil break from the world, rather a marker of the tempestuous churning we find ourselves in. We encourage you to read quietude in its widest, most political and accommodative registers. Liberated from the syntax of productivity, a deeper listening and sharing is underway. This is an ongoing participatory archive of our world. A site to revisit later. These entries will finally be uploaded on the website and will be freely downloadable from there.

The recordings can be made on any professional or amateur device including your mobile phone. Please email your recordings and name of the place until the 12th of June to:

Pallavi Paul works with video, performance, and installation. Her practice speaks to poetic exploration of cultural histories, questioning the limits of speculation and facticity and evidence. Paul is also engaged in thinking about ideas of the archive, tensions between document and documentary and the implication of trace within these openings.

Share Your Quiet is part of the (Re-)Gaining Ecological Futures programme, curated by Berit Fischer and funded by Stiftung Kunstfonds/Neustart Kultur and Draussenstadt.


Invitation to the Symposium
Terrestrial Assemblage – Ecological Thinking in Border Zones
18 May 2021, 10 am – 6 pm

With: Kim Seung-Ho (DMZ Ecology Research Institute), Dr. Bernhard Seliger (Hanns Seidel Foundation Seoul Office), Mischa Leinkauf, Shira Wachsmann, Santiago Sierra, Ana Alenso & Ricardo Avella, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Dr. Liana Geidezis (BUND Department Green Belt), Melanie Kreutz (BUND Department Green Belt), Nadav Tal (EcoPeace Middle East), Prof. Kyung Zin Zoh  (Seoul National University, Korean Institute of Landscape)

Moderation: Carola Uehlken

Livestream on www.terrestrialassemblage.com and in Floating University Berlin.

Book your ticket here.

We are delighted to present the symposium entitled: Terrestrial Assemblage: Ecological Thinking in Border Zones on 18 May via live streaming. Artists*, activists* and scientists* present their interdisciplinary projects on the environment in border zones. Positions on the symbiotic relationship between nature and borders will be shown and discussed. Examples of this are the European Green Belt, the ecological network along the former Iron Curtain over more than 12,500 kilometres from the Barents Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south, the demilitarised zone (DMZ) on the Korean peninsula, which has not allowed human access for 70 years and the Lower Jordan River, whose rehabilitation and regeneration is initiated and being implemented by the environmental activists from Jordan, Israel and Palestine (EcoPeace Middle East). Also international artists will present their interdisciplinary practices on art and nature between and on the borders. Along the axes of territoriality and deterritorialization, artists* and scientists* will speak on current ecological issues on borderlines from multiple perspectives and create new spaces for thinking. For more information about participants and their presentations, please visit our website

In order to limit the risk of infection the exhibition complies with the ongoing standing orders. A hygiene concept is present and to be followed at all times. The number of visitors on site are being limited in order to guarantee physical distancing.

Outdoor-Exhibition and Symposium at the Floating University Berlin

Exhibition: 6 May – 6 June 2021,
Th – Su, 4 – 9 pm
Symposium: 18 May 2021, 10 am – 6 pm
Livestream and in the auditorium of the Floating University Berlin


In order to limit the risk of infection the exhibition complies with the ongoing standing orders. A hygiene concept is present and to be followed at all times. The number of visitors on site are being limited in order to guarantee physical distancing. Book your free time slot here


Curators: Pauline Doutreluingne & Keumhwa Kim

Artists: Ana Alenso, Marco Barotti, Ines Doujak, Anne Duk Hee Jordan,
Han Seok Hyun, Folke Köbberling, Mischa Leinkauf, Santiago Sierra, Shira Wachsmann, Clemens Wilhelm

Participants Symposium: Kim Seung-Ho (DMZ Ecology Research Institute), Dr. Bernhard Seliger (Hanns Seidel Stiftung Seoul Office), Mischa Leinkauf, Shira Wachsmann, Santiago Sierra, Ana Alenso, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Dr. Liana Geidezis (BUND Department Green Belt), Melanie Kreutz (BUND Department Green Belt) amongst others

Communication: Carola Uehlken

In the age of geo-social issues, where climate, inequality and migration are interrelated and humanity threatens to become homeless, facing a potentially uninhabitable earth in the future, paradoxically more and more enclosed and demarcated territories are emerging worldwide. As on the Korean peninsula, divided by a militarised border for over 70 years, all over the world, even after the Cold War, areas are separated, marked out and fenced off.

In addition, geopolitical and economic upheavals and changes in climatic living conditions create new borders. In this age of global pan- demics, the border seems to have become not just an instrument of intensive surveillance, but a geo-political power. The desire for the “vetted” and “sanctioned” migrant is shared across species lines. It is ironic that the ecosystems in the respective regions benefit from these border regimes, while at the same time challenging them. Border areas are refuges for rare or endangered plants and animals and have unique species richness.

The outdoor exhibition, Terrestrial Assemblage brings together artists whose practice deals with the relationship of humans to the earth („terra“). In an „act of coming together“ (assemblage) of different artistic media and ideas on current issues of demarcation and the ever louder environmental issue, ten international artists present their site-specific works on the grounds of the Floating University Berlin. They address the Anthropocene, Capitolocene causes of new borders and, in their artistic observations of the environment, reflect on social, biological and political border shifts, and design new, hybrid, cross- species images of the future.

Terrestrial Assemblage aims to be a projection surface and a space of experience for fluid counter-images and artistic fantasies beyond political and geographical borders.





The open call for Free Radicals is especially directed towards self-organized, “teacher-less”, co-learning groups (affiliated with or without an institution), that are willing to follow their own interests and are ready to research outside the walls and restrictions of the institution. The self-organized co-learning and site sensitive processes are meant to unfold during Spring and Summer of 2021.

Proposals from all fields and disciplines are supported, however projects featuring interdisciplinary practices and practice-based research that engage with pressing matters of this moment in time (such as the notions of human and more than human ecologies, environmental humanities, experimental living forms and systems, political and social engagement that promotes care for ourselves and our surroundings) are strongly encouraged.

The application deadline for this open call is set on the 24th of March 2021, and selected projects will be published in the first weeks of April. Please email to learnscapes@floating-berlin.org.

Please find more details about the Open Call here: Free Radicals Dossier




The Urban-Practitioners-in-Residence announced!

Thank you to the five finalists and the jury members for their participation and enthusiasm!
We had a fantastic public session and learned so much about these practices and projects.
Details about the selected projects and their realisation at the Floating University will follow in March.




Urban Practice: Public Jury Session FEB 18th 2021

To the online event: Floating University Livestream

ON FEB 18th 2021, 6-9 PM, Floating e.V will hold a public jury session, as part of our open call for urban practitioners. During the session, five finalists will present their project proposals for the site of the Floating University Berlin, with open Q&A from the expert jury and the wider public. We hope you will join us and the jury members to further question, challenge and expand the notion of urban practice during this event.

The five finalists are:

Bostjan Bugaric, Christina Serifi, Elian Stefa with UAU! Urban Activation Unit

Nina Fischer, Maroan El Sani with Art, Activism, Splitting Communities

Zoe Claire Miller, Marco Schmitt  with Exorcier-Raku

Kavita Meelu with Berlin as a Diasporic Foodscape

Maternal Fantasies with Pflegen,Reime, Feigen: On Caring Coexistences

Our Jury are: Dorothee Halbrock, Aljoscha Hoffman, Dr. Sabine Kroner, María Inés Plaza Lazo, Dr. Tatjana Schneider and Dr. Sumugan Sivanesan. The session will be moderated by Jennifer Aksu and hosted by curators Rosario Talevi and Gilly Karjevsky.

To the online event: Floating University Livestream




Open Call: Urban-Practitioner-in-Residence at Floating University

Announcing the jury

Dorothee Halbrock. Board member and head of projects HALLO: Verein zur Förderung raumöffnender Kultur e.V. and PARKS

Aljoscha Hofmann. Urbanist. Tempelhof Projekt GmbH. Think Berl!n. Initiative StadtNeudenken

Dr. Sabine Kroner. Project manager Berlin Mondiale. Member Rat für die Künste

María Inés Plaza Lazo. Art historian and curator. Founder of Arts for the Working Class and L’Union des Refusés, a global organization for art workers commons

Dr. Tatjana Schneider. Architect and academic. Head of the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City at TU Braunschweig

Dr. Sumugan Sivanesan. Anti-disciplinary artist-researcher, writer and broadcaster. Produces Fugitive Radio: anti-colonial media and music, and organizes with Black Earth climate justice collective

The session on February 18th 6pm (CET) will be moderated by

Jennifer Aksu. Urbanist and Cultural manager. Co-founder and artistic director Invisible Playground

Floating e.v launches an open call for urban practitioners. Berlin-based positions (individuals and groups) are invited to apply for a six month residency on and with the basin. Proposals should engage directly with the site of the Floating University and with the city of Berlin at large while they question, challenge and expand the notion of urban practice.  From performance to walks, urban games to sculpture, installations to projections, texts to podcasts, research-based, process-based, perhaps open to participation, perhaps facing the public on site.

Apply by January 15th!




The Kids Uni is back

+ info here




Soundance sketch / Floating Thursday June

Jasminka Stenz – dance/choreography, Gábor Hartyáni – cello/composition

A dancer and a cellist will create an artistic sketch together through site-specific exploration in a garden colony with a rainwater retention basin. The sound-performative encounter with site-specific choreography will forge a visual-audio path – live and digitally adapted.

This site-specific performance within the Floating Thursday is the conclusion of the residency cooperation between soundance festival berlin, Floating e.V. and the Kolonie am Flughafen e.V.

Thu, 04.06.2020, start 19:00
Place: digital/ online: soundance-festival.de (update end of May)
Check the Event on Facebook

SOUNDANCE Festival 2020 is a project by b.arts.u – berlin arts united g UG in coproduction with DOCK ART
17. – 27.06.2020 DOCK11, Berlin
SOUNDANCE Festival 2020 is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe




Climate Care: Digital Archive launched at Zabriskie bookshop 

Following the conclusion of the festival curated by Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi, the digital archive was conceptualised by ATLAS/STUDIO (Lucía Alonso & Ernesto Bauer) and programmed by Lucas Pose, with graphic design by Roman Karrer. The online repository archives the activities that inhabited the basin through images, videos and text documentation: from hot-compost-making, experimenting with bio-materials, the baking of urban hives, weather writing or “tuning-in” methods, reading aloud and looking at care on a planetary scale. 

Find the digital archive here.


Images by Lena Giovanazzi and Evey Kwong.



Site hibernates while we prepare for summer

Floating University* is currently on pause for winter. We are working towards our spring and summer 2020 programming. The site will open in April, and we hope to see you then! Please sign up for our newsletter for updates. 

If you have enquiries or requests regarding programs, cooperations or just ideas, please fill out this form.

*Floating University will no longer be called University as this is a regulatory offense.





We are proud and exited to announce our new book: Floating University Berlin 2018 – an illustrated report

It is a chronological reflection, in pictures, of the first year of the Floating University. In it we tell the initial story of our visionary inner city offshore-laboratory for collective, experimental learning, knowledge transfer and the formation of trans-disciplinary networks to challenge the routines and habits of urban practices.

If you want to purchase Floating University Berlin 2018  send an e-mail to: info@raumlabor-berlin.de

Or if you’re in Berlin, you can buy the book at Zabriskiepro qmbooks people places and ebertundweber


Photographs contributed by: Pierre Adenis, Katherine Ball, Jack Bardwell, Irene Beyer, Samuel Boche, Beatrice Davies, Irene Rojas Erlenbach – Wildschnitt, FLAR – Kaśka Jankiewicz & Mila Łapko, Thilo Folkerts, Lena Giovanazzi, Jan Kampshoff, Matthias Kestel, Ivana Kličković, Jan Korbes, Tanja Lindner – Projekt Bauhaus, Lilia Luganskaia – Perennial Institute, raumlaborberlin, Daniel Seiffert, Alexander Stumm, Victoria Tomaschko, Hans Venhuizen, Benoȋt Verjat

With contributions from/Mit Beiträgen von: Joeanne Pouzenc, Gilly Karjevsky, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius

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