Mo, 16.07.18 - Mi, 18.07.18, ganztägig

The cemeteries along Bergmannstraße are exposed to vast transformation processes: long gone are the times where cemeteries were pure places reserved for mourning. Nowadays they serve as, for instance, green islands that provide a home for flora and fauna within the city, where people go for a walk or rest in order to escape the hustle and bustle of their urban lives. We found that the local cemeteries are microcosms that depict various issues and processes that are happening on local as well as on global levels.

By implementing a set of very sensitive and small-scale interventions that touch upon ecological, spatial and societal topics, such as global flower production and consumption, preserving the local fauna, enhance recycling cycles and a more actors-driven space production, we want to be able to export and exchange knowledge from the inside to the outside of the Bergmannstraße cemeteries, discuss and apply it and eventually come back with refreshed ideas.

By Iliana Angelou, Leonard Kaupp, Daiki Ori, Annelene Stielau, Lina Thürer

Contact: re.cemetery@gmail.com
Sunday, July 22
Cemetery Tour
Guided cemetery tour regarding our research.
15-17h @ Friedhof Bergmannstraße

Monday, July 23 – Wednesday, July 25

A plant swap for the neighborhood  Design & Build Phase

We are designing a plant swap for the neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to design and build with us!

daily 10-18h @ Floating University

Thursday, July 26

Kommt ein Vogel geflogen – Kids Workshop

We are building birds houses and feeders out of re:cycling material. Everyone is welcome to join!

10h-13h @ Floating University Berlin together with Die Foodbrücke

Friday, July 27

A plant swap for the neighborhood – Kick-off Event

16-19h @ Café Strauss, Bergmannstraße 42, 10961 Berlin

Saturday, July 28

re:cemetery @ Fête de la Nachbarschaft

16-18h Guided neighborhood tour, starting from Hangar 1