As a warm up for the summer to come, please join us on the first Thursday of each month for a very special floating evening. The Floating University e.V. proposes a diverse program, a bar and mud in the basin! Detailed program to be announced two weeks before.

Thursday 6th, June | 16h-22h


An evening curated by Anna Kokalanova, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux and J├Âran Mandik

Water, ice, snow and steam. The four aggregate states of water. And under any shapes and circumstances one certainty remains: water is life. But the future of water is uncertain. We are witnessing the melting of ice caps and a projected rise in sea levels, that will swallow large masses of land whole. Globally, the scarcity of drinking water is increasing, and one can already anticipate water becoming a resource that will be fought over.

However, we believe the existential angst produced by these hovering threats may briefly be alleviated by peaking into the future.

Therefore we welcome you in the rain water of the basin and under the tip of the iceberg, to an evening where future will be questioned, imagined, foreseen and forgotten. Join us for a night of watery ponderance, wishes and food to recuperate from our journey through time.

16.00 -19.30
Collective cooking, experimenting around the four physical states of water, and fortune telling.

18.00- 19.30
Join our light paper factory, build your own laterne and add your vision to the procession.

Light and food proccession towards the iceberg

Food will be eaten, lights will be hanged and wishes will be made!