Wed, 12.09.18, 11:00 - 17:00
Floating University Berlin, 10965 Berlin, Lilienthalstraße

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How do we practise the art of living on a damaged planet? How do we strengthen the relationships with the entities we care about?

As a group we will try to connect deeply with water. With her we compose representation and cosmograms, experiment with gestures, rituals, speech and musique concrète. The end result will be a ceremony at sunset dedicated to water. This ceremony will drift through various immersions, such as clothing bleaching ritual, deep listening, water collection, osmotic urban exploration, and human filtering.

Participants are asked to:
1. Bring something that floats to »show and tell« with the group
2. Be available for the whole day (11 am to sunset).
3. Bring one item (or more of clothing) that is of a dark color, for dyeing.

With Katherine Ball (artist, Detroit), Alexis de Raphelis (artist, Cosne-sur-Loire) und Benoît Verjat (interface designer, Paris)


September 12, 11 am – 5 pm

This workshop is open to all interested.
Please register at: info@floatinguniversity.org