Mon, 10.09.18 - Tue, 11.09.18, 11:00 - 17:00
Floating University Berlin, 10965 Berlin, Lilienthalstraße

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Imagine Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino meeting in Berlin today to take a walk. They decide on a straight line between Teufelsberg and Spreepark in Treptow. Somebody has told them these are the two counterpositions of the capital of the cold war. Half way they take a break beside the former US Army Airport in Tempelhof. They discover a large concrete basin filled with a thin layer of water, covered with algee and inhabited by birds and a strange community of people. Like a gigantic ear-shaped hole, it rests in a soft bed of trees and gardens. Suddenly a dragonfly lands on your shoulder and whispers: open your eyes and listen.

A workshop with two very different urban thinkers on the visible and invisible dimensions of the city. We are not the only species who has the right to the city. In fact, we have never been the only ones who inhabit (and build) cities. A practical course in listening to non-human voices around us, a sensual approach to urban aesthetics.

With Elisabeth Merk (urban development counselor, Munich) and Mauricio Corbalan (architect, Buenos Aires)

September 10 – 11, 11am – 5pm

This workshop is open to all interested.
Please register at: info@floatinguniversity.org