*the Office NN for Neighborhood Networks exists since 2018 and involves the direct, social environment of the Floating University in the processes, informs with personal contacts about what is happening here and develops joint formats and programs with the neighborhoods around us. The office has the task of building a network of Berlin-based groups and initiatives that are regularly active at the Floating University. In addition, the NN office takes care of finding the “not-yet-but-would-be-good-if” transdisciplinary in Berlin and integrating it into the project. The office is headed by Teresa Huppertz (neighbourhood@floating-berlin.org).

As soon as it is again compatible with the Corona measures, the following program is planned:

Sprechstunde “open-for-all”
Every 10th of the month, a rubber boot tour of the basin will take place at 2:30 pm, with two members of Floating e.V. at a time sharing the history of the basin with interested parties. This tour is as diverse as the experience, knowledge and perspective of the members of the association. Afterwards, the “open-for-all” Sprechstunde will take place from 3 to 5 pm: A day of exchange between the immediate neighbor:ing and floating, open to wishes, suggestions, criticism and visions, in the basin, at the basin and around the basin.

Seasonal Weekend
A quarterly event format to connect and network with the neighborhood. Neighborhood as a concept is and will be thought about and reflected upon more broadly here. The program on these two days is implemented in cooperation with various actors from the neighborhood and designed according to the season. In particular, this should make it possible to consciously perceive the seasonal diversity of the flora and fauna around the basin and to experience the very different possibilities of use that go hand in hand with this.

We will communicate the dates, the program and further information here, on social media and via our newsletter…





On the first Thursday of every month members of the association become hosts, moderators and conversational partners by organising a one-day event and a bar. The detailed programme is announced two weeks in advance.

Soundance Sketch / Floating Thursday June

Jasminka Stenz – dance/choreography, Gábor Hartyáni – cello/composition

A dancer and a cellist will create an artistic sketch together through site-specific exploration in a garden colony with a rainwater retention basin. The sound-performative encounter with site-specific choreography will forge a visual-audio path – live and digitally adapted.

This site-specific performance within the Floating Thursday is the conclusion of the residency cooperation between soundance festival berlin, Floating e.V. and the Kolonie am Flughafen e.V.

Thu, 04.06.2020, start 19:00
Place: digital/ online: soundance-festival.de (update end of May)
Check the Event on Facebook

SOUNDANCE Festival 2020 is a project by b.arts.u – berlin arts united g UG in coproduction with DOCK ART
17. – 27.06.2020 DOCK11, Berlin
SOUNDANCE Festival 2020 is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe






Performances by The Institute for Unforeseen Collaboration

The Floating University and the “Institute for Unforeseen Collaboration” are university concepts within the 100 years Bauhaus celebration. The “Institute for Unforeseen Collaboration“ sees itself immodestly as successor to Bauhaus, Black Mountain Collage, HFG Ulm or the Institut de l’environnement.

Here, transcultural exchange plays the decisive role. Involved are performers from Mexico, Europe and the Ivory Coast. The Institute is about interdisciplinary work between theater, performance, fine art, architecture, design and graphics.

The pavilion is a completely open, mobile theater that allows a daily updated program. It travels from city to city (Hamburg, Münster, Düsseldorf, Weimar, Berlin), and its function as a low-threshold theater is checked at various places in the urban realm.

Making like a Forest: Illustrated talk followed by sharing and conversation by Xin Cheng

What if, we look at our surroundings, in the same way forest dwellers relate with their environment? What crevices and niches, unknown pleasures, material traces of activities might we discover? What local know-how and peculiar stories would unfold?






1+1 (Eins Plus Eins) 

This time we invite for different but unique artistic approaches – all of the performative field – that deal with the fragile space of two (bodies, people, strangers) within the complex frame of the everyday urban life of Berlin, Sao Paolo, Shanghai und Mumbai.

Doppelagentschaft with Arantxa Martinez/Sabine Zahn

A physical – investigative practice session, exploring possibilities of movement between ones and a another agenda in terms of sharing space. only with prior reservation.


Together Apart: a lecture performance by plan b

plan b are the British artists Sophia New and Dan Belasco Rogers who have lived in Berlin since 2001. Over a decade ago they decided to record every single movement they make outside, every day, with a GPS, a practice they continue to the present. As a result, they can also trace the times when they have been together and apart, the starting – point for a work investigating the ghosts of past proximity and separation. In this performative lecture, especially adapted for the Floating University, they present some thoughts and reflections on data, memory, daily practice, intimacy, physicality, distance and sharing space and time. www.planbperformance.net

The Visitor: a Film by Katarina Schröter

“The visitor”, a silent figure incorporated by the filmmaker, roams through three Mega-cities, creating wordless encounters with random people, following a dramaturgy of chance both with the choice of the protagonist as with the outcome of each story. First simply attendant, she becomes an intruder, friend and even beloved one who shares the whole daily life of her protagonists, their sleeping places and worries. “The visitor” has been created entirely through un-staged improvisations with random encounters on the streets of Mumbai, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

www.katarina-schroeter.com, www.visitorfilmproject.com






On Sept. 5 the Floating is launching its book “Floating University 2018 – an illustrated report” into the mud sphere! Followed by a concert by K-Gruppe – Rico Lee, Eduard Mont de Palol, Aaron Snyder, Nicholas Bussman!




THURSDAY, JULY 4th, 2019


We cordially invite everyone to our next Floating Thursday to spend a nice afternoon at the pool and grill together with neighbours and local initiatives.

Circus Cabuwazi  will introduce itself, report about its manifold social program and delight us with tricks and cabaret.

Showing of the video album “My Body – My City” 

A video album of young people and their movements in relation to the city they live in. Together with all participants, we set out in search of what moves us and the question of how it can be translated into movement. The project is a collaboration of professional artists* and young dancers* of all levels between 8 and 24 years.




THURSDAY, MAY 2nd, 2019