Festival 2019

Climate Care

A curriculum for Urban Practice
Curated by Gilly Karjevsky & Rosario Talevi for the Floating University e.V.
August 1-10, 2019


The Climate Care program will explore correlations between environment, urban practice and education by devising caring curriculums for climate challenges, in Berlin and beyond. Climate Care brings the affirmative attitude of care discourse into climate topics, tackling not only environmental issues, but caring for the convoluted social, political and economical climates that surrounds us today.

Taking on the site and situation in the water-basin, several working groups will convene around thematic questions and co-create curriculums for future students at the Floating University – who ever those may be. These curriculums will focus on environmental awareness through caring for relationships, situations and the places in which technologies, ecologies and humans meet.

The working groups will be convened by experts from climate science, pedagogy, art, urban practice and local governance representatives together with selected participants via an open call.

Parallel to the working groups, a floating program will invite the wider public to inhabit the site with tasting, touring, forging, sounding, sensing, making, being together and forming lasting human and non-human bonds.

If you have questions or proposals contact us at: info@floatinguniversity.org