Floating University Berlin

From May to September 2018 raumlaborberlin will create a visionary inner city offshore laboratory for collective, experimental learning. With numerous partners we will experiment with knowledge transfers and the formation of transdisciplinary networks to challenge routines and habits of urban practices – Floating University Berlin.

The site is an almost forgotten place in the center of Berlin: An old, concrete rainwater basin right next to the Tempelhof airfield. A third landscape on the verge of disapearance. Here we will build a generic structure, a drilling platform for a scarce urban resource: sensitivity for decision-making.

Students and scientists from more than twenty international universities will come together with artists from all over the world, local experts, architects, musicians, and dancers. Together, they will research and investigate the daily routines and practices of urban living and formulate visions and ideas for a better future city In the territory around the rainwater basin Floating University is looking for contemporary, resilient forms of urban practice with a visionary focus on an unknown future.

In April, students and their teachers from Berlin, Europe and elsewhere will collaborate on building the campus: learning spaces, workshops, an auditorium, a performative laboratory tower for experimental water filtration systems, a discursive kitchen, a bar as a protest generator and a fast food greenhouse. Spaces are created for exchanging knowledge within experimental, educational formats. A place where transdisciplinary research teams and diverse positions come together to tackle the complex questions of urban practices.

During three ‘Open Weeks’ in May, July and September we invite the local and international public to explore the rainwater basin and the campus, as well as to participate in workshops, lectures, seminars, hot tub talks, concerts and performances.

LIVE cam!

Address: Lilienthalstraße, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Floating University semester: April 9 – September 15 2018

Open Weeks (all welcome!)

Spring May 4 – 20, 2018

Summer June 29 – July 15, 2018

Fall August 30 – September 15, 2018

Public events – even outside the Open Weeks – will be announced in the calendar!